lundi 28 octobre 2013


...and that's why I love Anne Shirley so much :)


So excited for all our plans @Krysta Guille Guille Lindsay Lee pinning right now on all fall related things is keeping me in a super good mood at work right now

Serve drinks on a tray lined with candy corn, and a mini pumpkin... use the same idea for Christmas, maybe line with Hershey kisses or Christmas M's?

fall lighted pumpkins

glitter leaves garland | #fall

Keep calm and love autumn #TutorBuddies #Autumn #Seasonal #Thanksgiving

Autumn craft. Make socks from sweater sleeves. Im pinning because i love the photo, not because you can realistically make socks from an old wooly jumper...saggy...fall proper heel..

Plaid stack


county life


Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe {façon Starbucks}

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